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Brooke Helmeke
Administrative Assistant

Brooke Helmeke has always had a knack for numbers and problem-solving, but that’s not the only reason she was drawn to the financial services industry. She has a deep interest in helping others and making a positive impact, and she knows she can accomplish that by assisting people with important, potentially life-changing, financial decisions.

Even as a young girl, Brooke was interested in her mother’s work as a financial advisor. She found it to be logical, meaningful, and people-centric—a job with a clear purpose. Today, she is an Administrative Assistant at Enspyre Wealth Advisors, a crucial behind-the-scenes role that supports the company’s daily operations. In addition to her work at Enspyre, Brooke also works at a local business, where she was recently promoted to a leadership position with responsibilities that include training new staff.

A motivated student, Brooke has been taking college-level math courses at her high school for the past few years. She plans to attend college next year, with the goal of pursuing a degree in business and/or finance. When she’s not working or studying, Brooke enjoys exercising, traveling, and watching musicals.

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