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Heidi Helmeke, CFP®
Founder and President

Heidi Helmeke is the founder and president of Enspyre Wealth Advisors. Since 1990, Heidi has been dedicated to guiding clients with purpose through the powerful forces that money exerts in their lives and transforming their journey.

Growing up Monroe, Wisconsin, Heidi was raised in a working-class family and quickly learned how a thoughtful approach to her finances – such as budgeting and saving – could help her attain what she wanted in life. In her younger years, she helped her parents run the family farm and, when they started their own enterprise, she learned the ins and outs of running a small business.

With the knowledge gained during her childhood, Heidi began her professional path at the age of sixteen when she worked as a bank teller to pay for her college education and graduated with a degree in psychology. These experiences taught Heidi the importance of a strong work ethic and gave her a practical perspective on setting goals and achieving dreams. Years later, she began helping clients with investments as a financial advisor, soon realizing her passion for supporting families in more profound, impactful ways. Heidi later went on to earn her Certified Financial Planner™ certification.

In 2016, Heidi published Self-Wealth: A Simple, Conscious Path to a Comfortable Financial Future, which she was inspired to write from her experiences working with a variety of clients over the past 28 years. The book intends to help readers discover the key to financial fulfillment regardless of where they are in life. More information about Self-Wealth can be accessed on Heidi’s personal website: heidihelmeke.com.

Heidi holds a Bachelor’s degree in psychology from Marquette University. She holds the Certified Financial Planner™ designation as well as Investment Advisor Representative status. She is an instructor in employee benefits for some of the largest employers in the Minneapolis area.

Heidi lives in Minneapolis with her husband Rob and their two children. She often volunteers as an instructor on financial topics at local high schools.

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